A Sinking Ship


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A Sinking Ship is the first semi-serious album ZOMBIESHARK! has ever writen. A SInking Ship is made up of songs that related to Ryan And Cory's summer. There were many ups and downs. some of which delt with, friendship, girls, family, and the consept of failure and the eternal quest for self enlightenment. This is dedicated to all of our friends, family, devout fans and to all who have ever felt like a failure.


released September 14, 2012

Ryan Bucks-vocals
Cory Curly Swope-Vocals,programing
Lee Epler-Moral Support



all rights reserved


ZOMBIESHARK! Reading, Pennsylvania

ZOMBIESHARK! is an electronically tinged metal Due from Lancaster PA


Cory Curly Swope: Vocals/Keyboards

Jeff Brown: Guitar/ Drum Programming

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Track Name: Good Fuck'n Morn'n!
Make sure
you get some sleep the night before
cuz in the mornn ill be knocking at your door
so move your shit cuz we're movn in
so move your shit cuz we're here to fuckn stay
nothing will
bring us down
we are un breakable
this is not the end
oh yes it is its the end of the song
Track Name: ANIMUAL!
back to the roots!
oh i am an animal
dead on the inside but still living
oh i am an animal
shed your blood im not so giving
we will not be placed upon a shelf
to sit and wilt and die
my will to live is stronger than your stride
it wont be broken even if the worlds colide
losing your will
losing your dreams
and if i can't
looks can decive
Track Name: Boo's Mansion
oh my god
it feels like im on top of the world
when i got you swimming inside of my brain
this fucking dick is keeping me locked in his house
i dont know when ill be leaving
all in the name of progress
all in the name of speed
i just wanna leave
Track Name: Life Is A Beach
let's go to the beach!
lets go!
somtimes things just dont work out the way you'd think
life's a beach
learn how to dig it
life's a beach so learn how to kick the sand back in its face
lif'es a beach so learn to peel the troubles from your face
i went to the beach
and no one was there
Track Name: Failing Math For The Year
i'm sorry if im short with you today
[wheres my growthspert]
if i can i will grow a little taller
i lost the wheel
my mind blank
this is a thrill
what it comes down to
i found my muse on the edge of the sky
my anwser to you is
why wont you choose?
why wont you choose?
Track Name: Swimming Holes
diving face first
into the water
and i can feel it in my soul
drown you in a pool
thats nine feet deep
hopfully you can swim
your body
laying in a pool
its mind boggling how you get
anything accomplished?
Track Name: Climbing Trees
two, three, four
my girlfriend looks at me in disbelief
when i put on my condom she grits her teeth
of all the bitches
that i fucked
they dont compare to fucking you
its what you say to me
its what i think about
when we're climbing trees
i cant tell you
how my dick is
just go fuck a tree
Track Name: Bicycle
what we're we thinking when we boraded that sinking ship
this flood of failure has dragged us on a trip
i am not a failing institution theres no point in retribution
and if them onster starts to ramble
my body's still in shambles
i ride my bike with no handle bars
and if i fall ill just be looking at the stars
Track Name: Car Crash
doing 90 on the highway
you can see me i go so fast
watch me go watch me go
as i drive riught past that ho
you can stop us when we're speeding
Track Name: WWAAVVEE
i had her in my palms
but then i lost her to these qualms
and if i would
write back to her
she would probobly send me through the door
im so horibly alone
Track Name: Bear Trap Sneakers
im forced to wake by the anchors of my time
its constantly reminding me that im alive
my clock is constantly reminding me
to make amends with all the people whove wronged me
this is now all i see
they dont know what they've done
Track Name: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Raft
cant you see that this si killing me??
over and over its the same damn thing!
you dont deserve a fucking thing!
you pay for diamonds with the dirt on your knees
oh my god
you know nothing of happiness
the glass is shattered from the ghosts of the past
and it wont matter what we say
we are all still here in the same place